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PVC Decking

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PVC Mouldings

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We Save You Money!

We Save You Money!

American Pro

PVC Porch

Why Choose American Pro PVC Decking / Porch?

  • Highest Quality Materials

  • Low-Maintenance - Never needs to be painted or sealed.

  • Easy to Clean - As simple as a wipe or a wash to get our deck looking like new.

  • Easy to Install - Cuts and miters just like wood, and is installed with standard deck screws.

  • Fade Resistant - Our proprietary compound is UV stabilized and highly resistant to weather.

  • Slip Resistant - The embossed wood grain pattern increases traction.

  • Fire Resistant - PVC decking is self extinguishing and will not support combustion.

  • Environmentally Safe - PVC is made from a combination of natural gas, which is a fossil fuel and 57% salt. Therefore, it is 100% recyclable and safe to family and friends.-